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Bathing Safety Equipment

Tub-Mounted Grab Bars

For situations in which it is not feasible to install a wall-mounted grab bar, companies make tub-mounted grab bars that clamp or screw onto the side of the tub wall. This type of bar must be used with extreme caution as it can easily detach from the tub if used incorrectly.

Generally GEM does not recommend the usage of tub-mounted bars. GEM tested various types of tub-mounted bars and many easily detached from the tub wall while getting up from the tub floor and while getting in and out of the tub.

Unfortunately, consumers are not given sufficient information on how to purchase and use tub mounted grab bars safely. One manufacturer's written instructions only stated: "This product should not be used without proper instructions from a healthcare professional". Another manufacturer advised people with limited physical capabilities to be supervised and assisted when using the tub bar.

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