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Bathing Safety Equipment

Handheld Showerheads

A "handheld" showerhead brings the water source closer when one showers while seated. Instead of water flowing out of a showerhead installed high on the bathtub wall, the water flows though a hose to the showerhead at a lower height. Handheld units also allow getting into the tub without one stepping directly into a stream of water, reducing chances of slipping.

Handheld showerhead mounting methods

Photo courtesy of Alsons Corporation Held in the hand while showering and then hung on a stationary bracket when not in use. A bracket with a large opening (where the shower head is placed) is easier to use.

Inserted into the slot of a bathing chair (see photo below left, not all chairs have this feature).

Photo courtesy of Alsons Corporation Mounted on a track with the user sitting below for a hands-free shower.

A track with an adjustable knob, illustrated above on the right, allows the user to:
  • adjust the height of the showerhead
  • change the angle of the spray

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