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Bathing Safety Equipment

Bath Mats

An example of good bath strip placement.
Bath Mats or Strips Inside the Tub

Most tubs do not have adequate slip resistant finishes to prevent the foot from slipping, especially when built-up grease, suds and oils are present. To reduce the chance of a slip injury, bathtubs should have either bathmats or bath strips.

  • Choose a mat with numerous suction cups to securely adhere the mat to the bathtub floor
  • Bath strips should be placed close to each other so that very little of the bathtub floor surface comes in contact with your foot

Bath Mats for Outside the Tub

A mat with a rubberized slip-retardant backing will help prevent the mat from slipping underfoot. Regular towel mats without backing should not be used as they can easily slide when walked on, causing a fall.

Bathmats left on the floor can be a tripping hazard, so it is best to hang them on the side of the bathtub after each use.

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