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Medical Students Foster Interest in Geriatrics

Now in its third year, the Medical Student Geriatrics Interest Group is moving forward with several exciting initiatives. Elaine Cheng, the group's Co-President, says, " This is an exciting time for the Geriatrics Interest Group and for the Cornell community. As the group expands, we look forward to increasing awareness and fostering interest in geriatrics among medical students."

On September 20th, 2001, the group hosted a dinner featuring a talk by Drs. Ronald Adelman and Mark Lachs entitled, "The Impact of an Aging Society on YOUR Medical Career!" The meeting was enthusiastically attended by 25 students. Division Co-Chiefs Lachs and Adelman spoke of special opportunities for meaningful careers in the rapidly growing field of geriatrics and gerontology. Following the talk, students from the Medical Student Summer Scholar Program in Aging, administered by the American Federation for Aging Research , described their experiences both as part of the summer scholars program, and the Geriatric Interest Group. Second-year student Mariah Quinn spoke of the enjoyment of community service, including helping out at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Senior Thanksgiving dinner where she danced with community elders "who really know how to lead." Mariah says, "Being a part of this group has provided some of the most meaningful parts of my medical education so far, and has exposed me and my medical school colleagues to an important group of patients and some of the unique considerations of caring for them."

At the recent Second Annual Symposium on Aging, students had a chance to attend a dinner with keynote speaker, Sharon Inouye, MD, MPH, and other geriatric faculty members. David Halpern, the group's Co-President, describes the experience this way: "Dr. Inouye gave an informal talk to the students about the world of geriatrics. She told us how exciting and satisfying working with older people can be. She also stressed the important notion that geriatrics is relevant to the practice of any medical field and will be increasingly so as the baby-boomer population ages."

Elaine Cheng, speaking of the group's future, says: "We are currently planning activities for students in all four years of their medical school curriculum, allowing them to see different facets of the field of geriatrics. These activities include our faculty lecture series, opportunities for community service, and clinical exposure on house calls and in nursing homes, among others."

For more information on the Geriatric Interest Group, please contact: Matthew Calhoun, [email protected] or phone 212-746-1416.

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