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Weill Cornell's Center for Aging Research and Clinical Care

Weill Cornell's Center for Aging Research and Clinical Care was established in January of 2000 in response to dramatic demographic shifts in society. The mission of the center is to improve the quality-of-life of older adults through an integration of Cornell's Aging Programs in research, clinical care, and teaching. The Center fosters collaboration among basic scientists, clinical researchers and clinicians so that fundamental scientific advances can be translated into improved patient care.

A fundamental principle of the center is the idea that multiple medical and social problems conspire to erode the independence of older people, and therefore only a team approach that marries scientists and clinicians from diverse fields can avert this erosion. Cornell is especially well positioned for such an undertaking because of multiple centers of excellence in aging throughout its campuses, ranging from geriatric depression to social integration of the older adult.

Office of Geriatric Research

With support from the John A Hartford Foundation, the Division has created an Office of Geriatric Research. The office has several key objectives, including:

(1) to provide research support to both fellows and faculty in the form of design, implementation and analytic assistance

(2) to maintain several large databases that can be used for research purposes

(3) to provide rigorous instruction in research methods and design to fellows and interested faculty and

(4) to promote community research partnerships to advance the health of older adults.

If you have questions or would like additional information on the Office of Geriatric Research, please call (212) 746-1237.

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