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Enabling Home Environments: Strategies for Aging in Place

Edward Steinfeld,Arch D., Professor of Architecture
Scott M. Shea, M. Arch, Research Associate
Rehabilitation Research Center on Aging, State University of New York at Buffalo

Reprinted with permission from Center for Inclusive Design & Environmental Access School of Architecture and Planning - University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY.

Source: Enabling Home Environments: Strategies for Aging in Place; Steinfeld, E.,Shea, S. RESNA 95 Annual Conference: RECREAbility, Vancouver, Canada, June 9-14, 1995.


Environmental barriers can significantly reduce the independence of older people with disabilities living in a residential setting. Removing these barriers through home modification is one way to increase independence. This study focuses on the effectiveness of technical assistance in helping people to make modifications, and the reasons why modifications are not made.

Recommendations for improvements to service delivery are proposed based on the study findings.

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