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Bathing Safety Equipment

Bath Stools & Benches

A round bath stool or rectangular bench is appropriate for persons who have good sitting balance skills and back strength. Bath stools and benches are available in a variety of sizes. A bench with a concave surface is generally more comfortable to sit on than a small round stool.

18' diameter stool with drainage holes and side hand grips.

Photo Courtesy of Rubbermaid Healthcare Products
For narrow tubs, the choice will be more limited. A 13" size will fit into most narrow tubs, but due to its small diameter, it is not appropriate for large-sized individuals. Also, the smaller size seats do not have drainage holes, which, when wet, may be too slippery for frail adults.

Bath stools and benches in colors, available by mail order, are especially helpful if a person has low vision. A royal blue seat against a white bathtub is easier to see than a white seat against a white background.

Bath benches in white are available at most local home health stores and through mail older catalogs.

Models are available that will support up to 500 lbs. Cost is $30- $80.

Rectangular bench, 17" wide at base, with concave seat, drainage holes, and side hand grips.

Photo courtesy of Gold Violin Inc.
13" diameter stool

Photo courtesy of We Care Pharmacy
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