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Bathing Safety Equipment

Bath Chairs

A bath chair with a back is appropriate for persons with limited back strength or balance or who simply enjoy the comfort of back support.

Top - A plastic bath chair.

Bottom - Close up of textured surface. (click for larger view)

Bath chairs are available in plastic or in a padded waterproof vinyl for extra sitting comfort. However, as vinyl can become slippery when wet, a person with poor sitting skills should consider using a plastic chair with a textured slip-resistant seat.

A seat cutout makes it easier to access personal areas as one does not have to stand to wash. A person needs good sitting posture to use this type of chair as one has to purposefully sit upright to keep from sliding into the hole.

For New York residents: bath chairs are available at no cost for those in need from the National Amputation Foundation. A person does not have to have an amputation to qualify. Call the National Amputation Foundation for information on their current inventory at (516) 887-3600.

If purchased, cost is $45- $100.

A padded waterproof vinyl bath chair with a seat cutout.
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